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Monday, November 23, 2009



God this took me forever to finish~ a week? solid days of painting might hv been 3 but still….way too long on ONE piece of CG! My eyes had an explosion of colour and details! good thing i can upload to WoW’s community site too *^3^*

The part i did not enjoy so much from this is *trying* to paint a Shadow Priest… Since i didnt wanna paint a black semi see-through blob like it was in game, i chose to go with the dark priest look like the priest figure Blizzard sold~ black body but armor still visible.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


My 2nd print for Anime North this yr..... Mika's Nana version with benjamin's style.
fun fun to pint! ^^

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beloved layouts for final film

Well i figured they were my favorite works from my film i'd still post them.
Eeeeeven most of them were blocked by the crowds >< *sob

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The lil girl from my film~!

hehehe~ my fv picture of her. Maybe cos i enjoyed colouring? aaaah i <3 photoshop!

My Flip Book pages

My flipbook pages from this yr's flipbook.
Actually turned out pretty nice so i was quite impressed. the last few days we hv been running around the studio making ppl to sign on our books so nobody forget anybody else. Awww it's time to say goodbye to this 4yrs at Sheridan.... unbelievable..... time rly flies....
I will definitely miss this place and all these animators in our year, gluck everybody n keep in touch!!!


SOOOOOOO i guess for everybody that have finished a short film, finishing it is the most enjoyable moment eh? Finally seeing the hardworked's rly a great feeling.
However, i guess personally im not so satisfied with this short film, choosing to do one with many crowds is quite a suicide move T_T Since i had to spend so much time drawing all those crowds, had to sacrifice time which i could hv used for better animation. To finish this film, i worked day and night non stop, and all the animation inside is pretty much done with one shot, unlike the previous years where i was able to look at the animation in detail and fix problems.... This time, the goal was really just to *finish* it instead. So because i knew i could have done better that's why it feels really unsatisfying. 
Anyways, now the film is completed, i guess im still glad i finished it on time. It's my 1st try to make a short film, so maybe next time i would learn the mistakes and make something cooler XD Making this film really was a valuable learning experience, and i thank everybody that helped me through this. Many thanks to my helper (gansta x 2 :P), frds, family, food and bed.
Grads on everybody for finishing ur films this yr at SHERIDAN! 2008 graduates rocks! RAAWWWRR!!!

oh ya and, this is the DVD cover :P


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Promotional Material for Grad Film

Here are some promotional materials i did for my Grad Film "One on One", i guess this postcard here tells u what the film is about already, i had lots of fun working on these characters . A tiny girl and a humugus guy? :P

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Redrum character design -1

Some kids designs, a few based on REDRUM members~