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Sunday, April 27, 2008


SOOOOOOO i guess for everybody that have finished a short film, finishing it is the most enjoyable moment eh? Finally seeing the hardworked's rly a great feeling.
However, i guess personally im not so satisfied with this short film, choosing to do one with many crowds is quite a suicide move T_T Since i had to spend so much time drawing all those crowds, had to sacrifice time which i could hv used for better animation. To finish this film, i worked day and night non stop, and all the animation inside is pretty much done with one shot, unlike the previous years where i was able to look at the animation in detail and fix problems.... This time, the goal was really just to *finish* it instead. So because i knew i could have done better that's why it feels really unsatisfying. 
Anyways, now the film is completed, i guess im still glad i finished it on time. It's my 1st try to make a short film, so maybe next time i would learn the mistakes and make something cooler XD Making this film really was a valuable learning experience, and i thank everybody that helped me through this. Many thanks to my helper (gansta x 2 :P), frds, family, food and bed.
Grads on everybody for finishing ur films this yr at SHERIDAN! 2008 graduates rocks! RAAWWWRR!!!

oh ya and, this is the DVD cover :P


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